Attractions in Kirkop

1. St. Leonard Church
The church is dedicated to St. Leonard and has more than 400 years of history inside it. It was first built around 1500 and then enlarged in 1760 and then vastly improved in the 19th Century. The interior of the Church holds several paintings by Ġużè Briffa.
Opening Hours: Daily: 6am – 9am and 4pm – 6.30pm

2. Annunciation Chapel
The chapel is very old. It was constructed in 1460 and then rebuilt in 1658. This chapel can be found in Kirkop Square and is still being used for special functions.
Opening hours: Open daily, this chapel serves as an adoration chapel for the Holy Host

3. Paleochristian Catacombs
The Paleochristan era tombs and small catacombs were found in several parts of the village in 1962. It was calculated that these were dug in the 4th or 5th century AD. Many were destroyed or buried again, and now only two can be visited.
Contact person: Kirkop Local Council
Telephone: +356 21680099
Opening hours: By appointment, please contact Kirkop Local Council

4. Ruins of Chapel of St. James Apostle
The entrance arch of the old Chapel of St. James Apostle still remains here.
Opening hours: This site is closed for the time being, but the entrance can be seen from the street

5. St. Nicholas Cemetery
The cemetery, as part of St. Nicholas’ church was rebuilt in the 17th Century. In the cemetery one finds a lot of graves of those who died in the great plague in 1592.
Opening hours: Every Sunday and holidays

6. The Menhir
The Menhir is an erect stone slab that stands about 3 metres high, one of three still in good shape in Malta. It was erected during ancient times, although it is still a mystery as to why it was erected. Experts agree that it was used as a place where rulers of the time used to meet. It has since become the symbol of Kirkop.
Opening hours: Public place, so can be seen at any time. It is located in a small garden that is open.